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About ProlificInfo

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What Is Prolific Info?

What Is ProlificInfo About?

Prolificinfo is a professional blog set out to educate and create awareness on specific topics an article at a time.

Founded by blogger Winny Obiso, it is a platform that offers an array of original and relevant content on Transcription, subtitling/post production and Translation.

All content on this blog has been created with the sole purpose of educating and instilling knowledge, an article at a time.

Founder Of Prolific Info

About The Founder Of ProlificInfo

ProlificInfo was Founded By Blogger Winny Obiso.

Here’ my story

After I graduated University, I tried to get a job in my area of expertise but as we all know, the job-hunting journey can either go two ways. You end up working in your profession or a totally different one.


I went from trying to secure a job in a media company seeing that I had an undergraduate degree in Communication and Journalism to stumbling upon and working in a film dubbing company.


This is where my interest for the Subtitling & Post production, Transcription and Translation processes took over. 4 years later, I’m here to share what I have learnt hoping that I will spark an interest in you and get you started on the same journey.



My dream for Prolificinfo.com is to share a part of me with you hoping that I will impact you positively, one article at a time.

Winny Moraa Obiso